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How to Lead with Courage

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Countless films and books in modern culture have dramatized the critical role of courage in leadership positions. Courageous leaders are lauded for their ability to overcome risks, face their own fears, and achieve their goals against all odds. But you don’t need to be the protagonist in a blockbuster movie to be courageous. When you […]


The Importance of Practicing Humility at Work

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Every once in awhile, you may say something that unintentionally sounds like a brag. Without meaning to, you can offend colleagues with a perceived lack of humility, or by giving yourself more credit than you might deserve. Or perhaps you have a teammate who displays this behavior—no one can top their intellect and judgement. A […]


How to Handle a Quarter-Life Crisis

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If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, and you’re feeling anxiety, depression, or are unsure of your identity or direction, then heads up: you are not alone! You could be facing a quarter-life crisis. This is more than just “being in a slump.” In fact, this stage of life is increasingly recognized […]


Tips for Working with the Office Overtalker

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In an earlier post, we shared tips for how to curb your chatter if you’re the office overtalker—the one who won’t stop talking and always has something to share. But what if you’re the silent type who typically gets pushed out by the overtalker? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you address the […]