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Impact Comes in Many Forms | Here’s How to Identify and Measure Yours

measuring tapes

If you’re a passionate agent of social change, it can be difficult to know if your work is having the intended impact. Yet understanding the nuances of what actually effects change can make a difference in your career satisfaction and sense of purpose. Let’s dig into what impact really means so you can craft your […]


Want to Start Your New Year at the Office Off Right? Here’s How

clean desk

A new year means you deserve a fresh start in your work environment. Whether you work from home or in an office, reducing the amount of “stuff” in your space can clear your mind for a fresh start in 2019. Let’s dig into the common kinds of clutter that we often deal with around the […]


How to Totally Nail Your Next Phone Interview

coffee and phone

If you’re the kind who likes to meet someone face to face, the prospect of a phone interview can be quite nerve-wracking. You can’t see the facial expressions of your interviewer to know how you’re doing, you can’t show your enthusiasm through body language, and a bad connection can impede your ability to be at […]


How Exhibiting Warmth and Strength Could Get You a Promotion

offering a hand

Research on successful leadership has shown that the combination of warmth (caring for others) and strength (being competent at your job) can be powerful. These skills answer two critical questions: What are this person’s intentions toward me?” and “Is he or she capable of acting on those intentions?” You may already be known for either […]