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8 Lessons on How to Gather | Add Magic to Your Meetings

small group sitting around a table

Have you ever planned a staff retreat, created a conference agenda, executed on a nonprofit fundraiser, or convened decision makers to agree on anything? Then you or your organization have probably established a standard formula for event planning—book a space, brainstorm some icebreakers, find speakers, schedule coffee breaks, etc. The traditional way of event planning […]


Why it’s Important to Play at Work

men table tennis

Work-related stress is on the rise, with a 2018 survey by the Korn Ferry Institute citing a 20% increase in overall employee stress levels over three decades. Stress can contribute to lower productivity—but it doesn’t just affect your performance at work.  According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress can have many negative effects, including […]


Beyond the SWOT Analysis, Part 2 | Convergent Thinking

group exercise

Last month, I wrote about the benefits of divergent thinking, the kind of creative thinking that allows you to expand your list of options and explore all angles to a situation. You use divergent thinking when you need to change up the status quo. The result is a large number of possible solutions to your […]


Tips for the Overtalker


It happens to the best of us: you lose your train of thought mid-sentence—and then realize your conversation partner doesn’t seem interested at all. What you do next is key. If you prefer to keep talking, that’s not surprising. After all, our brains get a buzz from talking—especially about ourselves. But know that if you’re […]