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A "triple i" (introvert, intuitive, idealist), Maggie Graham helps support individuals seeking their optimal career choices. She’s savvy when it comes to self-promotion, particularly with resumes, bios, cover letters, website copy, and other “look at me!” tools.

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How to Translate Raw Emotion into Fuel for Social Impact

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While analyses and pros-and-cons lists offer useful and practical insight into career selection, there’s another avenue that you may want to explore. Consider where you have strong emotion at both ends of the spectrum: from anger to joy. Reflecting on what stirs your emotions can offer you insight on your potential professional direction. Once you […]


How to Deal When Your Heart and Your Budget Collide

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Those of us who are drawn to social-impact careers care deeply about the causes our work supports. At the same time, like everyone else, we have bills to pay. What do we do when there’s a gap—sometimes a substantial one—between what we earn and our expenses? It’s a question that many idealists wrestle with, and […]


The Reason You’re Not Getting Interviews

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“I’ve been looking for a job for months now. I’ve probably submitted more than 100 resumes, and I haven’t gotten a single interview. I know I’m qualified, too.” As a career coach, I hear variations of this sentiment almost daily. The frustration in my clients’ voices rings alongside their worry and pleading. I also hear […]


Making a Career Change? 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

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After three years, Caleb started feeling restless in his job. As an urban planner, he had progressed steadily in his career, and at 36, he loved being a new dad. Still, he felt constrained by financial obligations in his growing household. He trolled job boards in search of exciting opportunities in his field, but nothing […]