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Nisha Kumar Kulkarni is a writer and content coach based in New York City. She’s passionate about helping female business owners and creatives become stronger storytellers and advocates of the work they’re doing in the world.

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Want to Stand Out At Work? Move Beyond Your Job Description

office standout

Do you feel undervalued, bored, or burnt out from your job? If so, you aren’t the only one. According to a 2017 survey, a majority of American workers feel unappreciated, with 44% of respondents believing they are “always or often overlooked.”  Though you may feel like you’re doing everything your supervisor asks of you, this […]


Is an Online Master’s Degree Right for You?

online degree

Congratulations! You’ve decided to pursue a master’s degree. With that big decision out of the way, you’re ready to start researching your options. But which graduate program is right for you? These days, graduate courses are no longer confined to a physical campus. Many programs now allow you to complete your studies online—but is this […]


Workplace Diversity | Taking Stock and Setting Targets


The words “diversity” and “inclusion” are thrown around a lot in the workplace today, but what do they actually mean for our working environments? When we talk about a diversity and inclusion policy, we mean a set of strategies and practices that an organization will adopt to welcome, support, and leverage a diverse workplace. According […]


Work Smarter (Not Harder) with These 10 Apps


For most of us, the internet and smartphones have become indispensable parts of daily life. The temptation (and, sometimes, expectation) to be available 24/7 can make unplugging completely from our work seem near impossible. But the same accessible technology that can make us feel tethered to our office email can also help us to work […]