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Nisha Kumar Kulkarni is a writer and content coach based in New York City. She’s passionate about helping female business owners and creatives become stronger storytellers and advocates of the work they’re doing in the world.

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Work Smarter (Not Harder) with These 10 Apps

For most of us, the internet and smartphones have become indispensable parts of daily life. The temptation (and, sometimes, expectation) to be available 24/7 can make unplugging completely from our work seem near impossible. But the same accessible technology that can make us feel tethered to our office email can also help us to work […]


Speaking for Everyone | A Guide to Inclusive Language in the Workplace

So much of our everyday language excludes different backgrounds, genders, and abilities. While this is oftentimes unconscious and unintentional, some commonly used words and phrases can read as male- or cisgendered-centric, while others can reinforce negative stereotypes about mental health, physical ability, or nontraditional family structures. It’s time for our workplaces to embrace a new, […]


Living With Chronic Illness | Finding a Job That Works for You

In the U.S., you can’t watch TV or flip through a magazine without seeing a pharmaceutical advertisement addressing illnesses like depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and heart disease. The ubiquity of such ads highlights the growing problem of chronic diseases, which are on the rise around the world. An estimated 133 million Americans live with “incurable and […]


Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace | What You Need to Know

Movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up have helped to increase awareness and promote discussions about gender equality. They have also helped gender-related workplace issues, like pregnancy discrimination, take a bigger place in the media spotlight. It’s easy to see why pregnancy discrimination is a problem worthy of our attention. There were nearly 29,000 pregnancy discrimination […]