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Samantha has worked in communications and nonprofit advocacy for more than a decade. She has spent much of her career advocating for the rights of vulnerable populations. She has degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno and New York Law School.

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4 Ways to Practice Self-Love Each Day


Valentine’s Day is a time to show appreciation for those you love. But shouldn’t it also be about showing appreciation for yourself? Whether you’re partnered up or single, why not take some time this Valentine’s Day to practice self-love? Working in the social-impact space, most of our days are typically spent thinking about others. And […]


Are You Sure You Want to Move There?

Woman looks at city

Maybe you just graduated and are looking for your first social-impact gig or perhaps you’re trying to find a job in a city where you’ll want to settle down. Some people always know where they belong, but for the rest of us, it can be difficult to decide where we want to live and work. […]


Feeling Stuck? 4 Tips for a Fresh Start at the Office in 2018

people bored

At the start of a new year, many of us consider new beginnings. Now that the holidays have wound down and you’re back to the daily grind, perhaps you’re feeling a bit sluggish at the office or bored with your routine. Instead of trying to jump ship, why not come up with some New Year’s […]


Want to Volunteer in Your Pajamas? Here’s How

woman in pajamas

Want to make a difference from the comfort of your own couch? Whether you’re passionate about environmental conservation, reproductive rights, or alleviating worldwide hunger, there’s probably a virtual volunteer opportunity out there for you. These days, plenty of nonprofit organizations are utilizing the help of virtual volunteers. And in today’s society, where many of us […]