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Ask Victoria | How to Address A Negative Job Experience on an Interview

Man sitting at office desk

In this edition of Ask Victoria, Victoria advises a reader addressing a negative job experience with a previous employer when interviewing for a new job.


Finding Your A-Ha! Moment During an International Volunteering Trip

Jamie Jenks’ bucket list has taken her to Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, and Thailand. This article outlines our conversation, filled with inspiration, reflections about oneself, and a rumination on what an “epiphany” really is and how to identify one when it comes in a way that you might not expect.


Job Seeker Challenges | Then and Now

No matter how long you’ve been job searching, these are some of the challenges you may have been facing. Here’s how you can deal with them.


Social Entrepreneurship Not Quite Right for You? Make an Impact as an Intrapreneur Instead!

What does it mean to be an intrapreneur? You are probably already familiar with the concept of an “entrepreneur”. Intrapreneurs have the same attributes, but apply them within an already-existing organization. Learn how you can do it at your job!