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Yoona Wagener is a freelance writer and WordPress developer who believes in the value of nonlinear career paths. She has experience in academic publishing, teaching English abroad, serving up customer support to software end users, writing online help documentation, and mission-driven nonprofit marketing and communications.

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How to Leave a Job Without the Guilt

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Regardless of why you’re leaving your current gig, moving on (sans guilt) without worrying about who and what you’re leaving behind can be tough. But whatever the reason for your distress, you can quell any feelings of guilt by implementing some concrete steps to ease you through the process and help you resign on good […]


3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Performance Review

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Performance reviews can be stressful, but if you’re well prepared, they can be a little less daunting (or even enjoyable!). When you bring an assessment of your own work and objectives to the table, you can worry less and look forward to a more focused and rewarding conversation. Rather than waiting until the last minute […]


Beat Boredom at Work with These Small Tweaks

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Repetition and routine can be great professional stabilizers, creating a strong foundation for a well-balanced career. But sometimes, following the same routine day in and day out can leave you feeling, well, bored. So my advice to you is to beat the boredom before it happens! It never hurts to be proactive and incorporate some […]


Why Self-Promotion is an Important Part of Your Social-Impact Career

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Self-promotion—done the right way—can keep you honest about what you want out of your career and may prove to be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. While singing your own praises may not always come naturally, here are a few small steps you can take toward making self-promotion a regular part of your personal […]