Beyond the job search: 11 blogs to help you discover, build, and sustain your ideal career

Photo credit: Vima, Shutterstock
Photo credit: Vima, Shutterstock

Resumes, cover letters, and interviews…oh my! Finding a job is a balancing act of staying on top deadlines and paperwork. But before you land a job (and even after you land a job) it’s important to have some clarity around what you want to do. Building a happy, sustainable, fulfilling career requires reflection and ongoing development.

To help you out, we’ve found a few blogs that go beyond job search tips and offer research, interviews, and insights on leadership, productivity, passion, success, and balance.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker

There is no shortage of studies claiming to have discovered what makes people successful, happy, and fulfilled. Eric Barker digs a bit deeper,breaking these studies down to better explain how they actually apply to our work and personal lives and interviewing experts.


Escape From Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim

Written by Pamela Slim, Escape From Cubicle Nation is exactly what it sounds like: a blog dedicated to helping you ditch monotony, discover your passion, and make an impact on the world-at-large. If you’re looking to work for yourself or reinvent your career, let Pamela Slim’s blog be your vanguard.


Fast Company Co.Lead

Fast Company looks to chronicle all that is new, exciting, and effective in the business world. As a result, their leadership content frequently showcases the most progressive advice on how leadership and our work lives are changing in a variety of industries.


Grad Hacker

In graduate school and wondering how to manage your time and plan your career? This blog is written by graduate students from a variety of universities, departments, and stages in their careers and for the entire range of graduate students and professionals.



Known for being a tech blog, Lifehacker has expanded their brand to include robust, varied, and targeted productivity advice cultivated from the internet and leaders in the tech industry. Peruse Lifehacker for great articles on maximizing your work life.



Popforms is a website that sets out to help teams work better by helping managers and their teams set and complete goals. Their blog shares advice for new managers and leaders on creating strong cultures, managing teams, and staying inspired.


Study Hacks by Cal Newport

We’re always wondering how to be more productive: Which app should we use? What’s the best way to plan our day? Cal Newport offers insights on productivity and developing expertise through  research, interviews, and his own personal experience.


Why Dev

If you’re passionate about a career in international development, WhyDev is the best place to go. In addition to offering tips on creating a career in this field, they also write thought-provoking pieces on trends in international development.



Wired 4 Leadership has one goal: to help good leaders become great leaders. The advice given on this blog is geared toward building on leadership qualities and creating change, innovation, and success in the workplace.


Work Happy Now by Karl Straib

Work Happy Now chronicles Karl’s experiences and lessons learned in creating a happy career, after a string of jobs that left him unfulfilled. Work Happy Now sets out to help you be happy in your work, whether that means finding new employment or changing your own perspective.


YNPN Twin Cities

For young nonprofit professionals, by young nonprofit professionals, the Twin Cities chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network creates content to empower fellow fledgling careerists in their work lives by sharing insights and tips on navigating the  nonprofit sector and building a supportive network.


Are there any blogs or websites you’d like to add? Share them in the comments.



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