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  1. I will contribute to an organization that provides resources and therapies for the disabled and thier caretakers. I will always be a compassionate advocate on thier behalf.

  2. Planning with the question “Why?” is indeed a great strategy. Most people do not know why they’re doing the business or for what purpose and that’s why their business fails. Well, this will also apply to searching for a good career path.

  3. I want to reconnect people with nature. I want people to realize that many of the problems facing the world are initiated at an individual level. People become disconnected with nature and end u leading lives contribute little, if anything, to the common good, and, ultimately, further disconnect people from the natural environments around them. I want to teach people how to find harmony again.

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful article! I will contribute to an organization that assists artists with disabilities to create and display art, so that my community will be inspired and more inclusive.

  5. I will contribute to an organization that provides access to education for individuals and “non-tradtional” students so they can create employment opportunities for themselves.

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