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What to Do When It’s More Than Burnout | Dealing with Work-Related Trauma

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Burnout. It’s something we’re all familiar with and there’s no shortage of advice on how to prevent it and how to recover. But what happens when it’s more than burnout? People working in the social-impact sphere may encounter more trauma than the average worker—it’s the nature of the work. But what’s concerning is how few […]


Do You Really Hate Your Job? Really?

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It’s kind of easy to hate your job, isn’t it? Like that that long-term relationship which became the perfect scapegoat for everything wrong in your life, it’s become routine, familiar, and all too predictable. But do you regret ending that relationship? Did you realize—once it was too late—that you rushed to judgment? In hindsight, did […]


How to Ask For That Much-Needed Sabbatical

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Remember those summers you enjoyed as a kid sleeping in and spending the day in your pajamas? As you’re busy slogging through the daily 9 – 5 this summer, it may seem like those days are long gone. But with more nonprofit professionals taking sabbaticals, you maybe able to turn those memories into a reality. […]


Don’t Bring it Home: 5 Tips to Keep Your Work Burnout From Affecting Relationships

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Work is piled up on your desk, your boss is being extra demanding, you didn’t have time for a proper lunch, and you just can’t wait to get home and relax at the end of this long day. After a commute spent rehashing all that went wrong, you walk through the door, see your roommate, […]