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4 Soft Skills to Get You Noticed on the Job Search

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If you’re applying for jobs in the social-impact space, you’ve likely already noticed that there is a tremendous diversity of opportunities. As you browse all of the options, it’s worthwhile to consider not only which technical skills you’ll need to land your dream job, but also, which soft skills are most valued by employers in […]


Thinking About Taking the Leap from Full Time to Freelance?

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Do you dream of being your own boss? Maybe you think about leaving your corporate job to work in the social-impact world. Maybe you want the freedom to contribute to multiple causes. Maybe you feel like you would be more effective if your schedule were flexible. Often, these thoughts don’t go any further. Making the […]


How to Translate Raw Emotion into Fuel for Social Impact

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While analyses and pros-and-cons lists offer useful and practical insight into career selection, there’s another avenue that you may want to explore. Consider where you have strong emotion at both ends of the spectrum: from anger to joy. Reflecting on what stirs your emotions can offer you insight on your potential professional direction. Once you […]


Feeling Stuck? 4 Tips for a Fresh Start at the Office in 2018

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At the start of a new year, many of us consider new beginnings. Now that the holidays have wound down and you’re back to the daily grind, perhaps you’re feeling a bit sluggish at the office or bored with your routine. Instead of trying to jump ship, why not come up with some New Year’s […]