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Grant Writing Tips if You’re Not a Grant Writer

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As social-impact professionals, many of us work at organizations that rely on at least some amount of grant funding for programmatic and staff support. While some organizations are lucky enough to have a grant writer on staff, at other nonprofits, grant application responsibilities fall to whomever has a free moment and some writing chops. If […]


Why You Need a Personal Board of Directors


In this wild world of professional development, cover letters, advanced degrees, and interviews, it would be pretty nice to have your own little team of trusted experts ready to be your career sounding board when you need it, right? If this sounds good to you, then we’d suggest you consider organizing your own personal board […]


Not a Mission Person? How to Job Search When You’re Cause-Flexible


There’s a common narrative in the nonprofit sector that we’re all inherently and deeply connected to the mission of our respective organization. What’s often overlooked is the fact that many of us jump between sectors and hop around issue areas over the course of a career. This doesn’t mean that we’re not passionate about the […]


How to Carve Out Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership

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Leaders can be those among us with a real talent for inspiring people, or those who lead by example—showing up every day and doing a great job without much fanfare. They can be found brainstorming solutions to social issues, testing out new ways to engage others to join them in their work, or simply mentoring […]