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Feeling Stuck? 4 Tips for a Fresh Start at the Office in 2018

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At the start of a new year, many of us consider new beginnings. Now that the holidays have wound down and you’re back to the daily grind, perhaps you’re feeling a bit sluggish at the office or bored with your routine. Instead of trying to jump ship, why not come up with some New Year’s […]


How to Use Your Programming Skills for Social Impact

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If you’re interested in giving back this holiday season and throughout the new year, consider gifting your tech know-how. As technology continues to change the social-impact landscape, you’ll find new and innovative ways to lend your tech skills to a cause that speaks to you. Here’s how to use your programming skills for good. Become […]


10 Social-Impact Podcasts to Check Out This Winter

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If you find that you don’t have as much time as you’d like to keep up with the latest nonprofit trends or professional development topics, social-impact podcasts can be a portable and flexible solution. To help you listen, learn, and find inspiration on the go, here are ten podcasts to download for your next break, […]


Want to Keep Learning? Look to Your Co-workers for Inspiration


When we feel stuck or uninspired at work, it’s easy to assume that we need to add more responsibilities to our proverbial plate, get a promotion, or even get another job in order to feel re-engaged or re-committed. But sometimes, it only takes a slight change of perspective to take us down a whole new […]