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To Quit or Not to Quit | Is That Really the Question?

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You know when it’s there; that spark you feel when you start a new position, and the pride and excitement you have when you explain your organization’s mission to friends and family. But you also know when that feeling is waning, or perhaps even missing entirely. When you find yourself in a professional moment where […]


3 Not-So-Terrifying Ways to Practice Public Speaking


Are you most at home with a mic in your hand, offering a hard-hitting yet relatable opening keynote to a room full of 1000 conference attendees? How about ferociously clicking through a PowerPoint as your board of directors looks on, eagerly awaiting the moment that you’ll open up to questions? Do you reach a zen […]


Are You Comfortable at Work, or Complacent?


Have you checked in with your professional, social-impact self lately or are you simply coasting through your work week on autopilot? As creatures of habit, we tend to settle into our daily routines without really thinking about them. It probably starts with how you wake up. There is a set order in which you go […]


Want to Work for a Nonprofit? Try Joining a Board

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One way to help make the transition from the corporate world to the public impact space is to join a nonprofit board, especially if you already have organizations or issues you are passionate about. Board membership is a great way to network and gain experience in the nonprofit industry. So how do you go about […]