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How to Create Your Own Personal Advisory Board | An Interview with Briana Wilsey

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Have you ever considered seeking out a professional mentor or even organizing your very own personal board of directors? There is a plenty of value to be found and gained in a thoughtfully curated group of professional peers, potential mentors, and even mentees. Whether you’re trying to navigate a workplace issue, a professional decision, or […]


Want to Be More Decisive in Your Career? Accept Uncertainty

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Whether you’re deliberating a move to a new organization or just a new position with the same employer, at some point in your career you’re going to have some important decisions to make. And whenever that time comes, if you struggle to feel confident in your decision making, there is a way to set yourself […]


How to Build Management Experience from Scratch

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Becoming a manager is one way (although not the only way) to advance in your career and build leadership skills. But when employers are hiring for managerial positions, they often look for candidates with prior management experience. So, if you’re not currently supervising anyone, how do you get the management experience you need to become […]


How to Stop Saying “Sorry” and Start Feeling More Empowered

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Owning up to your slip-ups at work is important, but there’s a difference between apologizing when it’s appropriate and developing a pattern of over-apologizing. If you find yourself with an “I’m sorry” habit that you’d like to minimize or get rid of altogether, here are a few ideas to help you carefully choose your words […]