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Are You Sure You Want to Move There?

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Maybe you just graduated and are looking for your first social-impact gig or perhaps you’re trying to find a job in a city where you’ll want to settle down. Some people always know where they belong, but for the rest of us, it can be difficult to decide where we want to live and work. […]


Podcast | Get the Experience You Need to Switch Careers

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I recently had the pleasure of sharing tips and resources from Idealist Careers, as well as my own expertise, with Mac Prichard and team of Mac’s List. Mac’s List is a Portland-based resource for helping passionate, creative professionals learn how to find meaningful and rewarding work in Portland, Oregon, and Washington. Here’s a peek at […]


Switching to the Nonprofit Sector? Here’s One Route You May Not Have Considered

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Prepping for a big professional shift this year? Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving your job, asking for a raise, or applying for a position in that new department they’re putting together. Maybe you’re even considering a sector switch from the for-profit space into the nonprofit sector. Pro tip: If you’re interested but unsure about whether […]


Next Time You’re Making a Career Move, Try Design Thinking

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If you’re thinking through your next career move, you’re probably scouring articles with tons of advice on how to figure out and land your next position. These resources are often filled with suggestions like networking, updating your resume, and reconnecting with former colleagues. But here’s the thing: While most of us know what we should […]