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Not a Mission Person? How to Job Search When You’re Cause-Flexible


There’s a common narrative in the nonprofit sector that we’re all inherently and deeply connected to the mission of our respective organization. What’s often overlooked is the fact that many of us jump between sectors and hop around issue areas over the course of a career. This doesn’t mean that we’re not passionate about the […]


Ask Alexis | How Do I Balance My Passion and My Paycheck?

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Dear Ask Alexis, I’ve had trouble working in areas I’m most interested in, mainly because of a lack of opportunity and not knowing anyone in the field. This has forced me to take jobs just for a check. Now I’ve accumulated skills I don’t like, and I want to look for different areas of work. […]


Love Your Organization, but Hate Your Job?

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While you may dream of landing the perfect job at an organization filled with passionate and intelligent colleagues, many of us forget that excitement about the bigger picture—mission, colleagues, job title—doesn’t always result in satisfaction with our day-to-day. If you find yourself in love with your team’s mission, but not your work, it may be […]


Have a Law Degree? 6 Social-Impact Jobs for You


Many people pursue law school because of a desire to make a difference. Maybe you’re drawn to the idea of helping people with individual legal problems, or perhaps you want to fight for big policy changes. But once you graduate, you may decide that pursuing a traditional legal path isn’t for you. While it can […]