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5 Lessons We Can Learn From (Very) Young Entrepreneurs

Balled up paper and pencil

We typically think that adults are the ones who do all the teaching. Yet there is much that we can learn from young people and apply to our own lives and careers if we simply pay attention. Kids are super-creative, enthusiastic, honest, and willing to take risks—what more could you want in a mentor? I’ve […]


How to Fight Founder Loneliness When You’re Starting a Nonprofit

Working around table

Here’s how you can connect with your fellow creators, builders, and change makers.


Cook For Your Life | How Cooking and Cancer Inspired My Career Change

In the New York of the early 90s, I lost many of my friends to AIDS. I cooked and cared for one of them during the last six months of his life. It was an incredible experience that I am grateful for. It taught me two things: the value of service, and not to be […]


How to Pursue a Fellowship: A Conversation with Vicki Johnson

Why would you want to pursue a fellowship? Many of these opportunities help students fund their graduate programs, give the opportunity to conduct research, and can even help you transition to a different career.