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Leaving the Only Job You’ve Ever Had

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Are you interested in making a career change but you’re feeling a bit paralyzed because you’ve never done that before? Like never ever? If you’ve been in the same job (or with the same organization) for most of your working life, it can be downright scary to consider a job search. And sure, things have […]


Ask Alexis | Exploring Career Options After 50

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Dear Ask Alexis, What are some creative ways that a person who is still looking for the right career after 50 can go about exploring career options? Looking forward to your reply! Starting Fresh at 50 *** Dear Starting Fresh at 50, What an exciting time! There are honestly so many ways to go about this […]


Returning to Work After a Career Break | We Explore Social-Impact Opportunities with iRelaunch

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I recently had the opportunity to connect with the team over at iRelaunch to share with them some insights on what it takes to return to the workforce after a long career break. iRelaunch offers career “relaunchers” resources, networking opportunities, and a sense of community as they navigate what can often be an overwhelming career […]


A Social-Impact Success Story | Jennifer Lazar Schiamberg

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Many successful career relaunchers—mid-career professionals looking to rejoin the workforce after a significant career break—consider volunteerism and nonprofit work to be a part of their relaunch journey. Working or volunteering in the social-impact space is an excellent opportunity for relaunchers to refamiliarize themselves with the ways of the workplace, bulk up their resume with fresh […]