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What to Do When It’s More Than Burnout | Dealing with Work-Related Trauma

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Burnout. It’s something we’re all familiar with and there’s no shortage of advice on how to prevent it and how to recover. But what happens when it’s more than burnout? People working in the social-impact sphere may encounter more trauma than the average worker—it’s the nature of the work. But what’s concerning is how few […]


How to Leave a Job on Good Terms | Part 2

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You’ve told your boss and your coworkers that you’re leaving and set your notice period. But that’s just the beginning of your job transition. Depending on your role and organization, you may have to wrap up projects, train staff who will be taking over your work, or write transition documents for your successor. And no […]


How to Leave a Job on Good Terms | Part 1

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There’s no better feeling than accepting a job offer that you worked incredibly hard to get. That is, until you realize you have to tell your current boss that you’re leaving. What can you say to your boss to preserve your relationship? How will he take the news? And once you’ve told your boss, what […]


How to Make an Impact as an Introvert

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If you identify as an introvert, you probably know all too well what it’s like to be on the receiving end of this comment: “You’re just too quiet.” For many, this isn’t an easy bit of feedback to stomach, and it can be a challenge to navigate the job search when you have to contend […]