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Can’t Focus at Work? 3 Common Distractions and How to Deal

No matter where you work, it can be remarkably easy to get sidetracked from the work at hand. According to a University of California-Irvine study, most office workers get interrupted by something—a chatty colleague, a Facebook notification, a new email—every 11 minutes and a 2018 study by Udemy found people often underestimate the time it […]


Keep Your COOL | Easy Tips for Email Diplomacy

We all have them: coworkers who use email as a medium to air their frustrations. At best, this is distracting. At worst, it can be a significant source of stress, tempting recipients to respond in kind. If you do, the exchange can quickly escalate, leaving you and your colleagues feeling tense, misunderstood, and likely without […]


Small Talk, Big Results | Conversation Starters for Connecting at Work

Small talk is a necessary part of almost any job. Aside from getting to know new coworkers, you may attend conferences and networking events that make the sea of unfamiliar faces even larger. Superficial as it may seem, small talk plays an important role in forging authentic connections with colleagues. Whether you’re attending an informal […]


Distracted by Technology? 3 Tips for Better Time Management

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What’s something you do every six minutes, on average, while at work? According to an analysis by HR Daily Advisor, the answer is: stop what you’re doing to check your email, instant message app, or other communication tools. While technology has increased our productivity in many ways, the downside to having so many easy-to-use tools […]