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Exhausted at Work? Here’s How to Beat a Midday Slump

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Who hasn’t felt tired at the office? Our bodies react to mental and physical stress in similar ways, so even if your job isn’t particularly physically demanding, you may still be experiencing that sleepy, exhausted feeling by the end of the day. Whether you’re facing a post-lunch slump, a long to-do list, or the day […]


How to Handle Grief at Work

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While grief affects everyone, it impacts each of us very differently. And when you or someone you work with is in mourning after a tragedy, it can be hard to know what to say or do. In this piece, I’ll explore how to cope with and talk about grief in the workplace. Returning to work […]


Want More Time? Do a Time Audit

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Though we all do our best to maximize our time, occasionally, we find ourselves wishing for more hours in the day in order to increase our productivity at work and at home. And while there’s no shortage of apps and software available to help you boost productivity, you may want to consider another solution: The […]


The 4-Step Method to Managing Your Anxiety at Work


A 2009 New Zealand study found that one in seven women and one in 10 men in high-pressure jobs reported clinical levels of anxiety though they had no mental health history to speak of. This may resonate deeply with those engaged in mission-driven work, where balancing workplace demands with self-care can feel like a tightrope […]