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9 Ways to Win at Being a New Working Parent

woman walks past painted background holding baby

For new parents lucky enough to spend a chunk of time at home with their brand-new babies (even if “luck” isn’t the word you might use when spit-up is raining on your shirt) the thought of returning to work may bring up mixed emotions. You might be excited to use a different part of your […]


What Elite Athletes Can Teach Us About The Value of Rest

women running up stairs

Few understand tough, physical work, commitment, and goal-oriented thinking like elite athletes. They rise early, put in dedicated hours of training, and aren’t afraid of pushing themselves in the gym, at the track, or on the court. But it turns out that many in the nonprofit world have a similar drive—one that’s motivated by agency […]


How to Deal When Work Stress Gets Personal

worried man on couch

“The personal is political” was a popular rallying cry of the women’s liberation movement in the 1970s—but many changemakers in the broader social-impact space still identify with this statement. People are often drawn to social-impact work because of an experience with the cause. But when one is so personally invested, it isn’t always easy to […]


Why it’s Important to Play at Work

men table tennis

Work-related stress is on the rise, with a 2018 survey by the Korn Ferry Institute citing a 20% increase in overall employee stress levels over three decades. Stress can contribute to lower productivity—but it doesn’t just affect your performance at work.  According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress can have many negative effects, including […]