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Staying Late at the Office | How Much is Too Much?

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Do you find yourself sticking around at work past your set hours—not just occasionally, but regularly? Are you bringing work home more often than not? And when payday rolls around, are these extra hours missing from your paycheck? If you’re devoted to your job, determined to advance, or simply stuck with more responsibilities than you […]


Feeling the Strain of Compassion Fatigue? Try Journaling


Thanks to a renewed focus on health and mindfulness in the workplace, self-care is finally having its moment. More nonprofits are offering remote work options or flexible schedules. There’s even onsite meditation, yoga, and fitness classes for time-strapped professionals looking to break a sweat (or take a breather) without leaving the office. But changemakers and […]


Make Happiness Your Agenda: 5 Proven Methods


Today (March 20, 2019) is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. First celebrated in 2013, this day illustrates a global shift away from measuring “progress” in terms of economic growth and toward greater emphasis on human well-being. In essence, this day embodies what so many of us do in the social-impact world: striving to […]


8 Tips for Using Your Paid Time Off in 2019

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Are you afraid to make use of your vacation time? It seems that a majority of the U.S. workforce is: while employees took an average of 17.2 vacation days in 2017, 52% didn’t use up all of their allotted vacation time. According to research by Project: Time Off, this added up to 705 million unused […]