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8 Tips for Using Your Paid Time Off in 2019

Are you afraid to make use of your vacation time? It seems that a majority of the U.S. workforce is: while employees took an average of 17.2 vacation days in 2017, 52% didn’t use up all of their allotted vacation time. According to research by Project: Time Off, this added up to 705 million unused […]


Got the Office Blues? Try Reframing Your Mindset

By now the holidays are over and the shine of a new year has mostly worn off. Resolutions are either in full swing or entirely off the rails: it’s officially back to business as usual at the office. Many of us are standing knee-deep in winter and, depending on location, already desperate for spring. Maybe […]


Want to Start Your New Year at the Office Off Right? Here’s How

clean desk

A new year means you deserve a fresh start in your work environment. Whether you work from home or in an office, reducing the amount of “stuff” in your space can clear your mind for a fresh start in 2019. Let’s dig into the common kinds of clutter that we often deal with around the […]


3 Unexpected Signs of Burnout

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Sometimes, even with a job that we truly love, feelings of stress and burnout can creep into our day-to-day. While you may be surprised to see signs of fatigue while working in a role in which you feel professionally fulfilled, burnout can happen to anyone. The good news is that the sooner you are able […]