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Doing Shift Work? 5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Rested

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If your work schedule varies from the “usual” 9-to-5—whether that means rotating, evening, or night shifts—your job may be taking a physical toll. Especially if you’ve switched from full-time daytime work to shift work, your body may have trouble adjusting to a new rhythm. You may also find it difficult to adjust your non-work life […]


How to Handle a Quarter-Life Crisis

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If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, and you’re feeling anxiety, depression, or are unsure of your identity or direction, then heads up: you are not alone! You could be facing a quarter-life crisis. This is more than just “being in a slump.” In fact, this stage of life is increasingly recognized […]


9 Ways to Win at Being a New Working Parent

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For new parents lucky enough to spend a chunk of time at home with their brand-new babies (even if “luck” isn’t the word you might use when spit-up is raining on your shirt) the thought of returning to work may bring up mixed emotions. You might be excited to use a different part of your […]


What Elite Athletes Can Teach Us About The Value of Rest

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Few understand tough, physical work, commitment, and goal-oriented thinking like elite athletes. They rise early, put in dedicated hours of training, and aren’t afraid of pushing themselves in the gym, at the track, or on the court. But it turns out that many in the nonprofit world have a similar drive—one that’s motivated by agency […]