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Workplace Diversity | Taking Stock and Setting Targets


The words “diversity” and “inclusion” are thrown around a lot in the workplace today, but what do they actually mean for our working environments? When we talk about a diversity and inclusion policy, we mean a set of strategies and practices that an organization will adopt to welcome, support, and leverage a diverse workplace. According […]


Goodbye to Groupthink | How to Challenge the Majority

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“The Court’s opinion can hardly be described as an exemplar of restrained and moderate decision making,” wrote Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in one of her many dissenting opinions. “Quite the opposite. Hubris is a fit word … ” for what she described as the “demolition” of the Voting Rights Act in 2013. Justice […]


Take Our Quiz | What’s Your Leadership Style?

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While we may not all be leaders in the sense that we’re managing a team or running an organization, we all possess certain habits and instincts when we’re presented with an opportunity to lead, be it as a project manager, a volunteer, a parent or friend, or a proactive voice within an organization. So, when […]


Earth Day 2019 | Your Guide to Launching an Eco-Friendly Workplace Campaign


We can’t all work at the world’s most eco-friendly companies. But as we gear up for Earth Day on April 22, we can each take stock of the personal choices we make at work to reduce our ecological footprint and encourage our colleagues to be more eco-conscious as well. It all comes down to determining […]