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Getting to Know Your Office Neighborhood

During the week, we spend most of our waking hours at work—but how much do we know about the area surrounding our offices, the neighborhood where we spend all this time? For many of us, the answer may be “not much.” You may know the closest public transit stops or restaurants to grab a quick […]


A New Manager’s Guide to the Art and Science of Hiring

Some people have a gift for hiring talented, motivated candidates. They know what assets to look for and consistently find people who have them. And as a new or aspiring team leader, you might wonder: “Is there a formula I can use to find the ideal candidate?” Hiring is part art, part science. It requires […]


5 Strategies for Leading Teams Amid High Turnover


Even when you love your job and believe in the work you do, office environments with high staff turnover can dampen those positive feelings. Perhaps this turnover is related to internal circumstances, such as high stress and long hours, or to external pulls felt by adventurous staff eager to experience new cities and professional challenges. […]


When You’re Older Than Your Boss

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Working for a significantly younger boss presents a unique set of challenges. It may seem strange to take direction from someone a few years your junior since many of us believe age and authority go together. But you’re certainly not the only one in this situation. Organizations are increasingly hiring younger workers to fill leadership […]