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7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Part-Time Work Schedule

woman at laptop with phone and clock

As of June 2019, there were more than 26 million part-time workers—defined as people who work less than 35 hours per week—in the U.S. Despite such significant demand for part-time work, there is still some mystery around what the experience is actually like. Read on to learn about the challenge of part-time employment—and how you […]


Tips for Working with the Office Overtalker

wide-mouthed man talking into tin can telephone

In an earlier post, we shared tips for how to curb your chatter if you’re the office overtalker—the one who won’t stop talking and always has something to share. But what if you’re the silent type who typically gets pushed out by the overtalker? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you address the […]


Meeting Norms | Our Guide to Getting Started | Part One

meeting in a conference room

As the concept of equity becomes more mainstream in the nonprofit sector, it is vital to think tactically. What actions can we take within our organizations to meaningfully promote equity, rather than simply give it lip service? Enter meeting norms, sometimes referred to as “working agreements.” In the right hands, meeting norms can be an […]


No More Summers Off | Adjusting to the 9-to-5

post-college adjustment

The first few months post-college should be exciting, right? You’ve worked hard, earned a degree, and maybe even gotten a job—all your effort is finally paying off! But you’re also going through a major adjustment to your schedule, priorities, and lifestyle. If, like many of us, you’ve been attending school since kindergarten, you might be […]