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Meeting Norms | Our Guide to Getting Started | Part One

meeting in a conference room

As the concept of equity becomes more mainstream in the nonprofit sector, it is vital to think tactically. What actions can we take within our organizations to meaningfully promote equity, rather than simply give it lip service? Enter meeting norms, sometimes referred to as “working agreements.” In the right hands, meeting norms can be an […]


No More Summers Off | Adjusting to the 9-to-5

post-college adjustment

The first few months post-college should be exciting, right? You’ve worked hard, earned a degree, and maybe even gotten a job—all your effort is finally paying off! But you’re also going through a major adjustment to your schedule, priorities, and lifestyle. If, like many of us, you’ve been attending school since kindergarten, you might be […]


How to Stop Overthinking and Make Better Decisions

better decisions overthinking

Have you ever lost sleep because you thought your work presentation was a flop? Or perhaps you’ve spent hours worrying about whether you unintentionally offended a co-worker? Then you, like all of us, know what overthinking feels like.  We are all susceptible to thinking about a challenge too much or for too long. Overthinking promotes […]


Beyond the SWOT Analysis, Part 2 | Convergent Thinking

group exercise

Last month, I wrote about the benefits of divergent thinking, the kind of creative thinking that allows you to expand your list of options and explore all angles to a situation. You use divergent thinking when you need to change up the status quo. The result is a large number of possible solutions to your […]