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Too Much on Your Plate at Work? Try This

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This time of year, our calendars are often full from morning to night. And through it all, we’re given lots of advice on how to avoid spreading ourselves too thin: Don’t volunteer to bake cookies for robotics, host your boss and her family for dinner, and agree to watch your neighbor’s kid every Saturday morning […]


4 Tools for Effective Long-Distance Teamwork

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Teamwork used to be a roomful of professionals sitting around a conference table. No more. Digital collaboration tools mean your next social-impact project team could consist of a volunteer in rural Mozambique on a laptop hooked to a cellphone and a car battery, a development professional in Singapore in an air-conditioned office with high-speed internet, […]


5 Ways to Make the Most of the Holiday Slowdown

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AAA predicts that nearly 107.3 million Americans will travel over this year’s year-end holidays—the largest number on record. And those numbers are typically higher around the year-end holidays, especially between Christmas and New Year’s Day. But what about the rest of us who stay closer to home? If you’re not planning to hit the road, […]


Take Control of Your Inbox with These Easy-to-Implement Tips


Do you ever feel like the most important number in your life is the number of unread emails in your work inbox—and the higher that number gets, the higher your stress level gets? Sounds like it may be time to take control of your inbox. Managing your inbox more effectively can increase your productivity by […]