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In It Together | Keys to Successful Group Work

In his 2018 best-selling book The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups, Daniel Coyle highlights the primary keys to successful group engagements. For social-impact organizations working with (and for) both internal and external stakeholders, it is critical to understand and internalize the lessons outlined in this book. Here’s a rundown of the basics […]


Making Change Happen | 5 Marketing Lessons for Your Social-Impact Career

woman at a conference table

In his Seth Godin describes marketing In his 2018 book This Is Marketing, Seth Godin describes marketing as “The act of making change happen.” Unless “marketing” is part of your job description, you likely don’t identify as a marketer. However, Godin suggests thinking of marketing not as advertising, but as a force to make the world […]


Work With Intention | 4 Lessons from 4 Books to Inspire Success in 2019

The chaos of flight delays, office parties, and family gatherings is now firmly in the rearview, which means a brand new year and another opportunity to cultivate purpose and meaning in your personal and professional life. Sure, it’s a no brainer to reach for traditional self-help guides and autobiographies from heavy-hitting business icons for guidance. […]


Should You Join a Women-Only Coworking Space?

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Have you heard of The Wing? It’s a quickly expanding women-focused coworking space and social club with locations in New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, soon to be setting up shop in London, Paris, and Toronto. And The Wing is just one example of women-only coworking spaces popping up across the […]