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4 Reasons You Should Take a Summer Vacation


Many of us are drawn to social-impact work because we care deeply about the mission and making a difference. This type of motivation can provide a great sense of fulfillment, but it can also leave you feeling a little guilty when you need a break. The irony is that social-impact professionals may need a vacation […]


Communication Without Exploitation | Ethical Storytelling

woman writing

One of the most powerful tools in the social-impact world is storytelling. Organizations tell stories to connect with people, move them to action, or raise money—and sometimes a combination of all three. On an individual level, your personal story may have led you to the work you do. When you share your story with others, […]


4 Books to Inspire Summer Adventure


There’s not always enough time (or money) for social-impact professionals to embark on a truly epic adventure. But with the early days of summer just a few short weeks away, it’s easy to start daydreaming about empty meeting calendars and a few screen-free days to really enjoy the season. Summer vacation is officially on the […]


In It Together | Keys to Successful Group Work


In his 2018 best-selling book The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups, Daniel Coyle highlights the primary keys to successful group engagements. For social-impact organizations working with (and for) both internal and external stakeholders, it is critical to understand and internalize the lessons outlined in this book. Here’s a rundown of the basics […]