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How To Talk About Your Non-Traditional Career Goals

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The future of work is changing. Whether you are freelancing, starting your own nonprofit, or happily employed at an established organization, there are more ways than ever to design your own professional path, transition between fields, and create an impact. But the range of opportunities can be tricky to navigate and even more challenging to […]


This One Question Will Offer Career Clarity

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Like most nonprofit professionals, my nonprofit career is rooted in a deep desire to help people and solve problems. But when I began my job search, I found that “an interest in helping people” was somewhat vague for a cover letter. Deep down though, I knew I was meant for a career that involved impact—not […]


Free Yourself from Feeling Stuck | 4 Ways to Get Back the Spark

Need to put the spark back into your work life? Here’s how!


What to do if Your Day Job is Not Your Passion

Can’t seem to find your passion for your work? Here’s what to do!