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Open Thread | Have You Ever Had Volunteer Work that Led to a Paid Job?

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Here at Idealist, we’re big proponents of getting as much as possible out of a volunteer assignment. There are plenty of ways volunteering can be a two-way street and we encourage our community of social-impact professionals to not only contribute their time, passion, and skills to causes that resonate, but to look for ways that the […]


Education in Community’s Hands: Lessons Learned During My Trip to Ghana

One of the most impactful days on the trip for me was seeing a community come together to build a new school for its children. We visited the village of Agorhome to help build the foundation of its new school. Well over 90% of the community had come out on a Saturday to contribute to building the new facility.


How Shine Foundation is Fighting for the Financial Health of Domestic Abuse Survivors

Jennifer Tan saw a recurring theme in the needs of domestic abuse survivors: a need for the survivors improve themselves, financially. Common questions included, How do I get the money to move out of the shelter? How do I buy my kids’ supplies? How do I pay for all these legal fees? Though these questions […]