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Beyond Giving Blood | How to Help When Disaster Strikes

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After hurricanes and earthquakes strike, many of us feel the urge to do something. Long lines form at blood centers and people open their wallets and send money, blankets, clothes, and whatever else is needed. If you’re looking for a sustainable way to pitch in post disaster, there are numerous volunteer opportunities available. Immediate response […]


Volunteer Abroad as a Mid-Career Professional | A How-to Guide

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Maybe you never got the chance to study or volunteer abroad while you were in college, and now you’re working full time and thinking that you probably missed your chance. Well, think again. There are tons of short-term international volunteer opportunities out there that can fit your schedule. You could build houses in Africa, provide […]


Open Thread | Have You Ever Had Volunteer Work that Led to a Paid Job?

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Here at Idealist, we’re big proponents of getting as much as possible out of a volunteer assignment. There are plenty of ways volunteering can be a two-way street and we encourage our community of social-impact professionals to not only contribute their time, passion, and skills to causes that resonate, but to look for ways that the […]