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Best Font Forward | Typing Your Way to a Resume that Stands Out

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From word choice to line spacing, there are plenty of ways to tweak a resume format for a stellar first impression. But you shouldn’t forget that your font choice can make a subtle—but powerful—difference too. Good fonts make the best use of your limited first-glance window. The average recruiter or hiring manager will skim a […]


Job Search Jitters? Tips for Recognizing and Coping with Anxiety

Years ago, in his research on learning and socialization, Edward Schein, now Professor Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management, made an important distinction between two kinds of anxiety: “learning anxiety” and “survival anxiety.” It turns out these concepts, which he applied to organizational change and growth throughout the course of his career, can […]


Beyond Branding | Your Guide to Building a Thoughtful Digital Identity

In our digital world, presenting your professional self extends far beyond cover letters and resumes. It’s also about creating an entire digital presence behind that standard package. If you’re anything like me—someone who places a premium on authenticity, privacy, and the intimacy of face-to-face interactions—the thought of representing yourself in such a public way can […]


Job Search Priorities | Should You Choose Manager or Mission?

When I was searching for a job earlier in my career, a former classmate gave me advice that has stuck with me. Sometimes in your career, she said, you have to choose between manager and mission—should you work for a good manager or pursue a mission you’re passionate about, even if the management leaves something […]