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Interview Q&A | “What Are Your Greatest Professional Strengths and Weaknesses?”

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As an interviewee, you’d probably be thrilled to never have to respond to these seemingly clichéd interview questions ever again, but alas, they are almost definitely here to stay. So rather than wing it when one of these questions comes your way, map out a professional and honest response. Here’s how to be prepared to tackle […]


Unpacking Organizational Culture During an Interview


Culture. It’s a big word. But what does it really mean? We seem to know how to identify bad organizational culture: constant stress, unreasonable workloads, and passive aggressive or mean people. But aside from unlimited snacks, casual Fridays, and a summer picnic, what goes into determining how to define positive organizational culture? The truth is, […]


Interview Q&A | “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

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In preparing to answer this interview question—even if the interviewer asks why you like the role as opposed to why you like the organization—you should be sure to map out a response that addresses the following key points: What are your career goals and how does working for this organization fit into those goals? What […]


Interview Q&A | “How Did You Hear About This Position?”

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While this may seem like a basic question, it’s a great reminder to track the details on your job search and a good opportunity to score some bonus points early on in your interview. Read on for quick tips to keep in mind when answering this question. Highlight your attention to detail If your response […]