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How to Totally Nail Your Next Phone Interview

coffee and phone

If you’re the kind who likes to meet someone face to face, the prospect of a phone interview can be quite nerve-wracking. You can’t see the facial expressions of your interviewer to know how you’re doing, you can’t show your enthusiasm through body language, and a bad connection can impede your ability to be at […]


Interview Q&A | “Tell Us About a Time When…”

Men in meeting

If you asked me to tell you about a time when I felt the most nervous during a job interview, it would be almost any time an interviewer said, “Tell me about a time when…” It turns out, I’m not the only one who tenses up when asked this question, as it frequently shows up […]


Interviewing And Expecting? Here’s What You Need to Know

pregnant woman

If you’re job hunting with a baby on the way (or you’re preparing for an adoption), I’m guessing you have quite a few questions on your mind. Will an employer hire you if you’ll require time off soon after your new addition? Should you disclose your plans if you’re not visibly pregnant? It’s a tricky […]


Call Me Maybe? 3 Tips to Build a Strong References List

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When a hiring manager asks for your references, it’s usually a sign that you’ve made it to the final stages of the interview process. And at this point, you want your references to seal the deal for you, not give the hiring manager pause. But how do you ensure that it goes your way? Below […]