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“I Can Predict the Future”—and Other Talking Points for Generalists


Do you consider yourself to be a generalist? If so, is it a label you wear proudly? In my experience, this term is rarely used with confidence. Instead, I find that people apply it rather sheepishly as a transitory professional identity, conveniently available until they find their true calling. Being a generalist—someone with knowledge and […]


The Informational Interview | 4 Questions to Keep the Conversation Moving


There are plenty of good reasons to have an informational interview, but ensuring that your meeting helps you take productive next steps rather than simply being an interesting conversation and nothing more can be tricky. While you’ll want to prepare questions in advance to keep the interview moving along, the ways in which you plan […]


A New Manager’s Guide to the Art and Science of Hiring


Some people have a gift for hiring talented, motivated candidates. They know what assets to look for and consistently find people who have them. And as a new or aspiring team leader, you might wonder: “Is there a formula I can use to find the ideal candidate?” Hiring is part art, part science. It requires […]


Interview Q&A | “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”

Most interviewer’s won’t expect you to have a specific, step-by-step response for the “Where do you see yourself …” question. Instead, they generally want to know one thing: “Does this role fit into your longer-term career goals?” Of course, if you really do view the role for which you’re interviewing as just a random and […]