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Reasons to Reconsider Starting Your Own Nonprofit

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While many of us in the social-impact space focus our energy into existing organizations or programs, some of us can struggle to find the right place to apply our enthusiasm and experience. Sometimes, we’ll see a need in our own communities that spark an idea for a solution or an intervention, leaving us feeling certain […]


Just Send Me Your Resume …

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“Oh, I know this guy…” “Let me show your resume to the head of operations….” “Here’s my email. I’ll forward your resume to my assistant to pass on to…” Do any of these phrases resonate? We all have them—parent’s friends, friend’s parents, the guy you used to babysit for—and they all really want to help […]


Template Toolbox | 2 Email Templates for Networking

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When it comes to growing your network, learning about new organizations, and ultimately landing a dream job, you’ll likely rely on email to find opportunities. In the first post in this two-part series you’ll find two email templates that can help you meet new people and find job opportunities. Use these templates to take the […]


The One Time Being Late Worked In My Favor

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When I was living abroad and on the job hunt, I found my dream job on But the excitement was short-lived as I quickly scanned the post and discovered I had just missed the application deadline. I knew I was a good fit, and figured there had to be something I could do. So, […]