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Interview Q&A | “What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge?”

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Your goal in answering this question shouldn’t be to elicit the empathy of your interviewer. Although the question clearly asks for your biggest challenge, the interviewer doesn’t want to know about all of the professional obstacles you have encountered over the years. They want to know how you met and overcame those obstacles. Many interviewers […]


Ask Alexis | Networking Not Working | What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Dear Ask Alexis, My wife has been launching a great career, which unfortunately means a lot of moving. My career has been … err… not so hot. Five years ago, we moved to Sacramento. I have two degrees, and a few years experience in my field. I applied for over 70 jobs and got nothing. […]


Are You Idealist’s New Marketing Coordinator?


Join our collaborative and creative marketing team working to connect people with social impact opportunities and nonprofits with their dream teams. Idealist supports millions of social good organizations and individuals who want to make a difference, bringing them together in the shared space of Here, organizations post jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities and individuals […]


Ask Alexis | Can I Work in the Nonprofit Sector Without a College Degree?


Dear Ask Alexis, How can I move into nonprofits without a college degree? I have owned small businesses all my life and recently closed a business I owned for 29 years. Any thoughts? Best,Looking for a Way *** Dear Looking for a Way, Thanks for your question, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having a […]