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Why the Salary History Question Is on the Way Out

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There’s a trend sweeping across the nation with big implications for job seekers: new laws banning interviewers from asking job candidates to disclose their salary history. As of publication of this post, 11 states and 9 localities have enacted some form of a ban on asking candidates what they’ve made in previous jobs. And all […]


How to Create Your Own Professional Website

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Last month, I shared with you the top five reasons why you need a website and how to take full advantage of having one once you’re all set up. In this piece, you’ll learn how to actually create a website of your own. Know your “why?” Having your own site will allow you to introduce […]


Negotiating Salary? Know Your BATNA


You’ve just finished interviewing for your dream role and you’re confident that an offer is in your future. This is an exciting time! And while it may feel like you’re in the home stretch, there’s still one big step before you make things official: salary negotiation. Hopefully, you are well aware of your worth and […]


The 60% Rule | When to Apply for the Job

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Have you ever read a job description and been intimidated from the sheer qualifications listed? You’re not alone: according to the Harvard Business Review, more than 40% of job seekers say they didn’t apply for a job because they felt unqualified. When you find a job that peaks your interest, do you meet every qualification […]