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5 Ways to Boost Your Resume’s Exposure

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You want your resume to make an impact on the reader. You want the recruiter to read it and be blown away by your levels of experience and skills, and to want to find out more about you. But how do you make your resume work for you like that, highlighting the differences between you […]


4 Common Resume Mistakes | Find Them, Fix Them


It’s National Proofreading Day, and while you probably have plans to celebrate in style, carrying on the National Proofreading Day traditions of your parents and their parents before them, I suggest that this year, you try something a bit more productive: proofread your resume! Below, you’ll find a list of common resume mistakes, where they […]


4 Secrets to Making Yourself Look Fabulous on Your Resume

No one grows up being completely comfortable with speaking highly of themselves. Even still, it is up to you to share with your colleagues, managers, and decision-makers details about the great job you have been doing.


Stand Out in 2017 | Take Our Free Idealist Careers Resume E-Class

We know that during this time of year, many people are eager to find new jobs. To help you out, we’re re-launching our free email-based class on crafting a stand-out resume.