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3 Ways to Stand Out After Submitting Your Application

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You submitted your application for your dream job and now you’re wondering if there is anything else you can do to make yourself stand out among the competition. The answer is, yes! Below, you’ll find three key strategies for distinguishing yourself and showing that you are passionate about the role and the organization. Before you […]


Looking for a Job? Stop Making this Mistake

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There’s nothing like the feeling of reading a job description that sounds like it was made for you. With each bullet point, you get more excited, and maybe even start to imagine how it would feel to get the job and go in on your first day. That is, until you get to the qualifications […]


The 4 Kinds of Experience You Need on Your Resume

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Job postings by social-impact employers often come with a big list of must-have skills. After all, these employers are looking for people who can solve some pretty tough challenges. But other than soft skills, what kind of experience and technical expertise will get you noticed by social-impact employers? Relevant project experience This is probably one of […]


5 Cover Letter Tips | Get Noticed by Your Dream Social-Impact Organization

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Resumes are important for any job application but for nonprofits and social-impact organizations, cover letters are the place where a hiring manager should be able to easily determine whether a candidate is a strong fit. What can you include in your cover letter to impress employers hiring for social-impact jobs? Read on to find out! […]