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Best Font Forward | Typing Your Way to a Resume that Stands Out

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From word choice to line spacing, there are plenty of ways to tweak a resume format for a stellar first impression. But you shouldn’t forget that your font choice can make a subtle—but powerful—difference too. Good fonts make the best use of your limited first-glance window. The average recruiter or hiring manager will skim a […]


10 Steps to a Dynamite Cover Letter

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The. Dreaded. Cover. Letter. We all write cover letters hoping to stand out and convey “I’m perfect for this job!” We also know that taking the time to write something meaningful can result in hours of procrastination and getting lost down internet rabbit holes. So how can you make the best use of your precious […]


3 Times When a Strong Cover Letter Can Make a Difference

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If writing a cover letter is your least favorite part of applying for a job, you’re not alone. But don’t skip it! That page of extra information can make a big difference. A cover letter offers you a front-and-center opportunity to make your case for why your skills, experience, and passion fit the job. It’s […]


How to Create Your Own Professional Website

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Last month, I shared with you the top five reasons why you need a website and how to take full advantage of having one once you’re all set up. In this piece, you’ll learn how to actually create a website of your own. Know your “why?” Having your own site will allow you to introduce […]