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Why the Salary History Question Is on the Way Out

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There’s a trend sweeping across the nation with big implications for job seekers: new laws banning interviewers from asking job candidates to disclose their salary history. As of publication of this post, 11 states and 9 localities have enacted some form of a ban on asking candidates what they’ve made in previous jobs. And all […]


Negotiating Salary? Know Your BATNA


You’ve just finished interviewing for your dream role and you’re confident that an offer is in your future. This is an exciting time! And while it may feel like you’re in the home stretch, there’s still one big step before you make things official: salary negotiation. Hopefully, you are well aware of your worth and […]


Buying Time | Negotiating for Benefits Other Than Salary

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So, you got a job offer and you’re ready to move forward; congratulations! After you’ve taken some time to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction that comes with a job offer, the final step (if you plan to accept) is making sure that the compensation package fits your needs, both monetarily and otherwise. However, it’s important […]


When Is a Pay Cut Worth It?


People tend to think the right career move is always the one that includes a higher salary, and oftentimes, it’s no different for social-impact professionals. And while this can be the case, career progression isn’t always linear, and no two people have the same journey. If you’re contemplating accepting a position that requires you to […]