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So, What Do You Think About the New Idealist Careers?


It has been nearly seven months since we unveiled our new Idealist Careers website, and we want to know what you think! As a quick refresher of what has changed, we’ve included a snapshot of the old website below. Aside from a brand new, easy-to-navigate design, here’s what we improved when we launched our new […]


Interview Q&A | “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

man with briefcase

No matter why you left your last job (or why you’re planning to leave your current job), the most important thing to remember when answering this question in an interview is, stay positive. Below, you’ll find a few general categories that your response to this particular question may fall into, and based on that, further […]


Want to Volunteer in Your Pajamas? Here’s How

woman in pajamas

Want to make a difference from the comfort of your own couch? Whether you’re passionate about environmental conservation, reproductive rights, or alleviating worldwide hunger, there’s probably a virtual volunteer opportunity out there for you. These days, plenty of nonprofit organizations are utilizing the help of virtual volunteers. And in today’s society, where many of us […]


7 Quotes to Inspire You in the New Year

new year's crown

Happy New Year, Idealist Careers readers! Now that we have all counted down, celebrated with our loved ones, and hopefully, had some quiet moments to reflect on the year gone by and the year ahead, it’s time to find the fuel that will propel us forward into a successful and inspiring new year. In the […]