Common job history red flags and what to do about them

Photo credit: alexskopje, Shutterstock
Photo credit: alexskopje, Shutterstock

If you’ve been searching for a job for a while, it’s easy to worry about aspects of your job history that might raise eyebrows among hiring managers.

In US News and World Report, HR expert Alison Greene addresses some of the common red flags job seekers have and offers advice on how to tackle them. Here’s one that stood out:

You’ve been unemployed for a while.

Why it’s a problem: Even in this economy, some hiring managers look at long-term unemployed candidates and wonder if there’s a reason that other employers haven’t hired them. Fortunately, many employers do understand that it can take time for even good candidates to find work in this market.

How to combat it: Make sure that you can show that you’ve been spending your time volunteering, building your skills or something other than watching TV and applying to jobs. Employers want to see that you’ve done something to keep up with your field during your time away.

Read the rest of her advice at US News and World Report.

What concerns do you have about your job history and how do you address them in your search? Share your advice in the comments.


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