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Steeling yourself for that moment when you offer your resignation to pursue a new opportunity can be daunting.

Will your supervisor give you her blessings or will she perhaps give you until the end of the day to empty your desk? It can be nerve racking trying to anticipate just how the scene will play out.

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But regardless of your relationship with your boss, you should consider the possibility that she’ll come back with a counter-offer. A counter-offer is when your organization tries to entice you to stick around and forego the new opportunity by offering an attractive package in the form of a pay raise, new title, more flexibility, or something similarly appealing.

In a sector that is increasingly experimenting with employee-retention strategies once reserved for private companies, it’s not uncommon for a nonprofit organization to make a counter-offer to retain quality staff and make themselves more competitive to future candidates.

So before submitting your resignation, you should consider how you may react if your organization makes you a counter-offer.

This week, we want to hear about that time your organization tried to get you to stay:

  • What was the offer?
  • Did you see it coming, or did it take you by surprise?
  • As The Clash have oft posited, did you stay or did you go?

Do you have additional insight into counter-offers? Perhaps you’ve even been the one making the offer? Share your stories and your questions here.

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