How reading the news can help you land a job

Photo credit: sukiyaki, Shutterstock
Photo credit: sukiyaki, Shutterstock

There are plenty of resources out there offering tips and tricks to help you make yourself a competitive job candidate. However, sometimes, simple tactics can go a long way. One such tactic is reading the news.

Over at Undercover Recruiter, career coach Heather Human argues that staying on top of current events and trends in your field gives you an advantage in the job search. You can strengthen your personal brand, position yourself as an expert, and make it easy for opportunities to come to you. Here are a few other compelling reasons:

You never know what an interviewer might ask you.

During your job hunt, current events may be important to your interviewer. And who knows what they may ask. But if you haven’t been following industry news and trends, you might be unaware of a new federal policy, game-changing software, or latest trend. Being knowledgeable about the industry in which you work tells a lot about your dedication to your profession to an employer.

You’ll spot business opportunities and trends faster.

If you’re regularly following current events, you’ll start to realize when trends are emerging and pockets for opportunity have arisen. Further, you’ll be more in tune with your industry and client or customer needs, which will likely translate to making better, quicker decisions at work.

To get started, she recommends following thought leaders on LinkedIn, downloading apps of major publications, and more. Read the rest of her advice at Undercover Recruiter.

If you’re ready to do more reading, here are a few resources we recommend:

  • Try an app like Pocket which lets you save articles for later viewing and makes recommendations for other articles you might be interested in. Check out this list from the Next Web of iPhone news apps or this list from Lifehacker of Android news apps.

What do you read to stay on top of the news? Share your recommendations below.

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