How to get people to stop asking you about your job search

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If you’re preparing to spend a lot of time with family and friends this holiday season and are looking for a job, you might be worried about having to deal with the inevitable, well-intentioned, yet annoying question, “So, how’s the job search going?”

Over on Ask a Manager, Alison Greene shares a few responses to that question. In situations like this, being direct is the best approach. She suggests simply saying something like, “I so appreciate you asking, but I would love more than anything to take a break from thinking about it while I’m home! How is (their hobby/job/kids/anything)?”

We agree! And if you have a friend or family member who is searching for a job, shying away from asking that question is a good idea. Check out these other ways to support someone who is in the middle of the job hunt.

Are you looking for a job? How do you handle the job search question?

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    • CiCi
    • November 30, 2014

    It is a rather rude question to ask. Safe to say that the job seeker will happily share the ‘big news’ when it is applicable.

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