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  1. Mindy Findtner on

    I LOVE this article. People experience Imposter Syndrome about every area of life: career, parenting, life……
    Letting people know that this is nearly a universal experience (70%). Although, I believe that this would be a higher statistic if fear of the possibility of being an imposter didn’t hinder our ability to admit that we might feel like we are imposters- this number is an acknowledgement of an aspect of a prevalent human experience. Thank you for sharing this. The acknowledgement of the experience alone is helpful. The clearly outlined steps to challenging the cognitive error(s) in our thinking is a gift to anyone mired in self doubt. The job searching process is the perfect environment for the Imposter Syndrome to thrive. With the combination of having to effectively sell yourself and the (possibly) constant chances for rejection, looking for a job can challenge the most accomplished of individuals.

    • Yes! MIndy, you raise such a good point about how this can impact all aspects of life. I’m pleased to know this resonated and thank you for sharing your perspective!

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