It’s not too late to find a paid internship

Photo credit: Ivelin Radkov, Shutterstock
Photo credit: Ivelin Radkov, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a way to learn while earning some money, you’re in luck: there are plenty of paid internships for you to explore! Here are some opportunities that will leave you a bit wiser and with a little cash in your pocket.

As always, the opportunities abound in all the major departments: check out these paid internships in communications and research, for starters.

If you know you want to help but you don’t know where to start–development? marketing? tech support? oh my!–try the general internship route to see if you can find the work you love in an organization you love. Emerald Cities Collaborative, New York Intern Program,National Alliance for Caregiving, and BerlinRosen all have openings that will allow you to experience many facets of the organization.

Are you ready to follow your heart into action? If so, you might like this Fall Peace Organizing Internship in Washington, DC where you can attend rallies, assist with outreach, and work on programming for the Peace Center. If you want a similar opportunity that’s a little more long lasting, the Justice Leadership Program in Seattle, WA has a one-year position open for a social justice organizing intern!

Maybe rallies aren’t your thing, but art makes you jump, jump! If so, the Brooklyn Arts Exchange is looking for an Artist Programming/Development Intern, the Chicago Writers Conference needs a Photo & Video Production Intern, Americans for the Arts needs interns everywhere–the list goes on.

Happy hunting!


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