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Whether you are trying to land your first job or transitioning to a new nonprofit, having a sound strategy will save you time and increase your chances of finding that dream role with the perfect nonprofit organization.

Idealist’s own Victoria Crispo recently joined for a short conversation on how to find the perfect job in the nonprofit sector.

Here is what other learners had to say after watching Strategies for a Successful Nonprofit Job Search:

  • “Great Job Search Overview. I am mid-career and have been on the for-profit side and am proactively thinking about new strategies for my life and career. Love the targeted Employer list idea…thanks so much again!!!”
  • “Great Insight! Thanks for this… I’m just getting started in my attempt to transition to the not for profit world. I feels a bit like a private club that one must be invited to join… so thanks for demystifying it!”

During the conversation, Victoria outlines actionable steps you can take to jumpstart your next nonprofit job search including:

  • How to create a Targeted Employer List to keep your job search focused
  • Effective ways to tap into professional and social networks to research organizations and find new leads
  • How to identify organizations that are aligned with your workplace values

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