Jobs Roundup- Jobs in Storytelling!


Storytelling is increasingly a requirement for many positions in the nonprofit sector, especially in Communications, Marketing, and PR. If you’re interested in a position that involves storytelling, check out these jobs that are currently active on Idealist!

Job seekers with a good amount of fundraising experience (minimum five years) should check out the Chief Rainmaker and Storyteller position recently posted by the Pomegranate Center. You’ll have a great title and be working to create meaningful gathering places in local communities.

Are you passionate about clean energy? Bring your communications experience to Los Angeles and work as a Deputy Press Secretary for the Sierra Club. You’ll help with clean energy campaigns in both California and Hawaii.

Oral History is a fascinating field, and if you’re looking to get your foot in the door The HistoryMakers in Chicago is a good place to start. They currently have two open jobs, one of which is for a Video Oral History Researcher.

If you’re looking for a mix of traditional communications work and storytelling, try out the Public Relations Director job at the United Way for Southeastern Michigan. Just make sure you have a few years of experience in Marketing or PR.

Get involved in many different programs as a Department Coordinator for the New York Public Library. You’ll work in Digital Collections, Community Oral History, and Public Works, to name just a few of the programs.

People with experience in film production and a passion for improving education should apply for the Web Video Editor job at Edutopia in San Rafael, California.

Finally, if you have many years of experience in the field of Communications and at least two years of team management experience, you may be a fit for the Director of Communications position for the Lupus Foundation of America in Washington, DC.

So get out there and find a job that lets you tell a story! Good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. Matt,
    Thank you for this!
    I’m primarily a story-teller, but I’m having trouble using story telling as a brand tool. (
    I’m glad that story-telling is coming back as a business practice. How did you go about finding businesses that are specifically looking for story-tellers?

    • Hi Judi! I’m not sure how to find businesses that are looking for story-tellers, but if you’re interested in finding nonprofits you can search Idealist for organizations that include the terms “story-teller”, “storytelling”, “oral history”, and similar phrases. You should find a list of organizations that may be useful to you!

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