Jobs Roundup: Jobs for Receptionists

For many people looking to get their foot in the door at a nonprofit, starting as a receptionist is a great beginning! Receptionists can serve vital roles in organizations, and often require a broad knowledge of many different responsibilities and tasks.

Organizations seek out receptionists with the ability to speak and understand multiple languages. If you are polyglot, use this to your advantage by applying to jobs that require your talents! There’s a position in Boston for French speakers (note: application deadline is May 25th!), one in New York City for Spanish speakers (Bachelor’s degree preferred), and one in the Bronx for people with expertise in a range of African languages.

If you’re bilingual in French/English live on the West Coast, you should check out this job in Seattle with the Consulate General of Canada.

Across the Bay is another job that requires fluent Spanish with the Immigration Center for Women and Children in Oakland. ICWC provides affordable immigration legal services to underrepresented immigrants around California.

If you’re searching for work near the Washington, D.C. metro area, try out this job (another bilingual position) at an international school, or this one in Arlington that only require fluent reading and writing in English.

Some receptionist positions require specialized training, like this Medical Receptionist/Medical Assistant job for Philadelphia FIGHT. In order to apply you’ll have to be a certified Medical Assistant.

There are always many receptionist jobs available in New York City. Take a look at this job with the Girl Scouts if you’re looking for something entry-level (college degree not required!).

Finally, around the Boston metro area you can find work with a variety of nonprofits seeking  receptionists. Job seekers with one or two years of experience should consider this position with GMA Foundations, people interested in working at a school can check out this job in Watertown, and those looking to work at an elite university can apply for this position at Harvard.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a job as a receptionist, perform a quick search on Idealist and get started!

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