Must-have resources if you’re thinking about graduate school

Photo credit: hxdbzxy, Shutterstock
Photo credit: hxdbzxy, Shutterstock

Though summer is in full swing, it’s never too early to think about your education, especially if you’re considering graduate school. And through our free graduate school fairs, information center, and ongoing conversations about pursuing a graduate school degree, we want to help you through this process. Check out our resources below to start planning your next steps!

Attend a free graduate school fair

This year, we’re visiting 18 cities across the United States with our free graduate school fairs.

The Idealist Grad Fairs connect prospective students with graduate schools in fields such as public administration, international affairs, education, public policy, public interest law, social work, nonprofit management, global and public health, theology, environmental science, and socially responsible business. The fairs are free and open to anyone interested in learning about grad school. Click on a city below to learn more and RSVP.

September 16: New York
September 23: Philadelphia
September 25: Boston
September 30: Baltimore
October 1: Washington, DC
October 3: Ann Arbor
October 7: Minneapolis
October 8: Chicago
October 15: Miami
October 17: Houston
October: 22: Austin
October 23: Atlanta
October 24: Charlotte
October 28: Seattle
October 29: Portland
November 4: Denver
November 6: San Francisco
November 7: Los Angeles

Curious about what the fairs are like? Check out this brief video, taken at our New York Idealist Grad Fair in September 2012.

Be clear on why you want to attend graduate school

There are a variety of reasons to attend graduate school. In our graduate school information center, we have a ton of articles to help you think through them:

Think early about student loans and financial aid

Even if you haven’t made a decision about attending graduate school, it’s never too early to start thinking about student loans and financial aid. Here are some resources on how to pay for a graduate degree:

Reach out to people in your field

Nothing beats conversations with people who have gone to grad school or who work in an area you’d like to pursue. Here are some articles, stories, and conversations to explore:

Want to share your graduate school experience? Let us know! And if you have questions about graduate school or resources you’d like to share, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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    • July 15, 2013

    Think long and hard before going to Grad School. The law of diminishing returns is at work there.

      • Nadine
      • February 12, 2014

      Can you explain what you mean? Why would that happen?

  1. Education is the important thing for everyone and we’ve to make a perfect plan for our career by choosing good course. Graduate schools are helpful to built our career and I like your post because you shared good information about graduate school. Thanks and keep sharing such a nice posts.

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