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  1. Well that those tricks worked for them. I have the degree and the experience, but there is always something very specific that I don’t have that let me out of everything I’ve tried. For instance, I applied for a job which required strong management skills and experience which I have, but one of the bullets mentioned “to have experience with violence prevention and police” well, I do have experience in violence prevention from the perspective of gender and no, I don’t have direct experience with police. Nevertheless, my strong experience in management of donor funded projects of more that 15 years was not enough. So, what should I do? lo learn the specifics of every topic of development in order to land a job on project management?
    Thanks for the space to contribute.

  2. [Back then, “the going price of admission into the career development field was a Ph.D. in Psychology and a skirt,” says Peter.]
    –Oh, we’re crying crocodile tears.

  3. [“none of them had a Ph.D. in Psychology and not one of them was female,” Peter says.]
    –Exactly. And all yoga teachers are men, too. Funny how that works…

  4. It’s interesting that three of your four examples are men. Statistically, men are much more likely to be hired for positions they are not fully qualified for. Or as a career advisor once told me, “men are hired for their potential. women are hired for their performance.”

    • I don’t think it’s really that men are hired just for being men, but it’s more of a psychological issue. The social norm has always been for men to work and women to stay at home, or for men to have technical/management jobs and women to have more of a supportive, non-technical role in the work-place. Women are paid less and hired less because society does not give them that same pressure. Really, the opportunities are quite even in the current age- proved both genders have similar qualifications. There are tons of scholarships available for women in technical fields. Also many workplaces are now trying to even the gender ratio. I don’t see why a company would hire a man over a women if a women has better technical skills.

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