Nonprofit jobs are up on Idealist — here’s how to find a great opportunity

Photo credit: alexskopje, Shutterstock

Photo credit: alexskopje, Shutterstock

The December Employment Report was a mixed bag. The United States unemployment rate fell to its lowest rate since October 2008, but the job growth rate was surprisingly low. Only 74,000 new jobs were added last month, far below some economists’ estimates of 193,000.

As Neil Irwin reported in The Washington Post, the fall in unemployment might have more to do with people opting out of the job market than with people finding jobs.

This doesn’t sound like great news for job seekers, but for a silver lining we can simply look to Job listings on the site were up by 15% during the first two weeks of 2014. More job postings are to be expected in January, given typical hiring patterns, but this spike could bode well for the social impact job market.

Just over 40% of the jobs posted on Idealist this month are with education organizations. Jobs were also posted by organizations focused on youth, housing and homelessness, families, women’s issues, human services, mental health, and many other issue areas. Nearly 15% of the jobs posted this month are for a direct social service role, while another 15% are management roles. Communications, marketing, health and medical, accounting and finance, counseling, and public relations were other popular job functions.

We can’t say what this means for the social impact job market in general, but we can say that with so many nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and social enterprises posting their job openings on Idealist, January is a great time to set up an email alert if you haven’t already.

Simply run a search and click the green “Get Email Alert” button at the top of the search results. We’ll email you with new job listings matching your search criteria (we won’t email you more than once per day).

Need guidance on how to search? Check out this video:

It’s a fantastic way to stay on top of your job search, and to land your dream social impact job.

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