Nonprofit jobs and internships in the legal field (even if you don’t have a law degree)

Photo credit: corgarashu, Shutterstock
Photo credit: corgarashu, Shutterstock

Many people associate a career in law with working at a vast firm and dealing impersonally with powerful corporate clients. Although that can certainly be the case for some lawyers, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage your interest in the law and work in the social impact sector.


  • If you have HR experience, you can get an inside look at how the legal field operates in Washington, D.C. Passionate about education? Take a look at this opportunity to help at-risk and underserved populations in New York City.


  • Looking for a legal internship this summer? Check out Free Speech for People in Boston, an organization that works to challenge the misuse of corporate power.

So whether you’ve just starting thinking about a career in law or already have your Esq., Idealist has you covered. Click here to explore more opportunities in the legal field.

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