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  2. Divinely appointed timing for this post and that the it spoke to my current predicament!!! Now I know the question I should be asking myself when I feel drawn to an opportunity and am hesitant to take action. Thank you Amy!

    • Of course, Shanna! I’m so glad it resonated with you. If you are feeling any little lack of confidence, of course you are going to feel hesitant about taking action! The big thing for me is understanding what is underneath my hesitance. : )

  3. The reality is that in many cases, even though you may be perfectly qualified without ticking all the boxes, your CV will never make it to the desk of the hiring manager because either a software program or a staff member from HR will weed out all the CVs which don’t tick all the boxes as described in the job specs.

    • That is a great point, R! Part II of this post is coming out on Wednesday. We’ll talk about some ways of increasing your chances of getting attention and wowing your interviewers-even if you aren’t completely qualified. : )

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  6. What if you know you quailfy for the job. Will they not hire you if you do not fit their image? I applied for a job and was interviewed by a panel of all white, males. They liked my experiences and education but one said he was not sure if I would “fit into the culture of the workplace.” His opinion was enough to give the job to someone else with less qualifications than me. As an African American female, that lowered my confidence extremely where I stopped applying for jobs for a month. Idk if I was not confident enough and they though that or they just wanted to keep the office space “status quo.” How do you tell the difference if the employer lacks the confidence or you do?

    • Hi Eboni,

      I think it was okay for you to feel the way you did…it was basically aftershock. However, do not and I repeat do not ever feel you were not qualified, that job just was not for you be lucky they were honest. Discrimination comes in all forms and I have experienced it as a black woman however I fully understand that there are some very hateful people in the world however they don’t make it go around. Eboni I am forming positive network a group for women feel free to shoot me an email ingodshands4good@gmail.com…..Good luck with your job search and what field are you in?

    • This is a great question, Eboni, and I hate that you had to experience that. If you are truly qualified and truly confident about your abilities, it has to feel really frustrating to interview and then not be chosen, so I’m not at all surprised that it took the wind out of your sails! Regarding your question, I want to bring it back to what would make your feel happy, proud, and like you are contributing to the difference you want to make in the world. When evaluating employers, especially if you know you have what it takes, look at them with a critical eye, too. See if you can inuit whether or not these are people you actually want to partner with. Even if they recognize your qualifications, if they can’t accept the wholeness of you, they may not be the right company for you, and it’s okay to move on.

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