Open Thread | How Do You Interpret “Casual Workplace”?


Long gone are the days when we can safely assume that pantyhose, suit and tie, or a briefcase are a regular part of a workplace dress code, and many nonprofits seem to be on board with this change in practice.

We want to know how you’re navigate the changing landscape of office dress codes.

  • If you connect with an interviewer prior to your in-person meeting and they tell you that they follow a casual dress code, how do you dress for your interview?
  • Do you dress with a similar level of formality (or informality) for all interviews or do you dress it up for the first one and kind of “take the temperature” of the office to inform what you wear to any follow-up interviews?
  • When starting your new job, how do you interpret “casual workplace”? Do you ease into it, one casual, but work appropriate shoe at a time, or do you dive in, flip flops first?

Are you totally stumped? Do you have it down to a science? Let us know how you interpret “casual workplace” in the comments, or tweet us your go-to-job-getting interview outfits at @idealistcareers.

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    • Michelle
    • October 30, 2017

    My name is Michelle and I’m interested in becoming an Community Organizer. I am a single mother or 5. I live in the small town of Copperas Cove
    I have lived in this community over 11 yrs. I definitely see a need and want to make a difference. But I need guidance.

      • Alexis Perrotta
      • October 30, 2017

      Hi Michelle, and thanks for your question! I’d suggest taking a look at some of our posts on networking (both digitally and in-person) as well this Ask Victoria post: Once you have done some reading and research here on Idealist Careers, take a look at our listings on Good luck on your search and keep us posted on your progress!

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